Welcome to Robin Bowles Psychotherapist

In my private practice I see a wide range of people. Some people come for a short period to resolve a crisis or to work on a particular issue, and others prefer to come for a psychotherapy intervention, which gives an opportunity to explore relationships and deeper issues. Some people may come with a particular problem, others may not really know what is wrong exactly, but perhaps feel that their relationships aren’t working well or life isn’t what they had hoped for. Psychotherapy may provide a way of negotiating a positive path through a difficult transition; it can improve relationships and ways of being with and understanding yourself.


In my practice I primarily work with relationship problems, loss and grief, migration and trauma, depression, anxiety, identity problems and many other issues. I have been working as a psychotherapist and counsellor for over 30 years, and have over 25 years of experience in supervising other mental health professionals. An area of specialty of mine is working with refugee survivors of torture and trauma, and I have many publications and papers regarding this field of practice including text book chapters.


I also have much experience in writing psychosocial and psychological assessment reports, primarily focusing on assessing refugee and domestic violence trauma.